Ryoji Baba.com is the result of the creator of this website's repeated interviews with Mr. Ryoji Baba, and is intended to inform the public at large that Mr. Baba is engaged in various activities from the viewpoint of workers to protect their rights, based on his extensive experience in labor and legal consulting for corporations, which he has cultivated over the years, This site introduces his various activities to the public as a result of his extensive experience in labor and legal consulting for companies.

Ryoji Baba is fighting daily to bring labor disputes to an early resolution and to create a better working environment for all workers, but when a labor dispute develops, it is difficult for workers themselves to have the courage to stand up against the company.

Ryoji Bamba, who knows the know-how of the corporate side and works across borders, is fighting alongside you with all his might.


When Mr. Ryoji Babeba was a police officer, he encountered a situation in which a deaf and dumb person stated that he received neither welfare nor a disability pension, and that he had no choice but to continue stealing in order to survive. In order to solve the problems of the needy, I thought it was necessary to make them aware of the various social insurance systems and laws and regulations that are not available through administrative agencies.

After starting my own business, I was also confronted with the fact that the actual number of homeless people, who were hiding in parks and under elevated buildings and completely unknown to government agencies, deviated from the published number by a large margin, and I learned that most of them had left their jobs and were unable to find new employment.

Therefore, Ryoji Bamba targeted large companies, rather than the traditional work of assisting and advising small companies in administrative procedures like his peers, to achieve a working environment that would reduce unemployment for as many workers as possible.

In 2019, we launched a general labor affairs consulting company and developed a relationship where we could make decisions in unison with management regarding dealing with labor issues, rather than simply providing advice, and developed services that were concerned with highly difficult tasks that other firms in the industry could not replicate. As a result, we developed a situation in which our clients signed advisory contracts with us for 300,000 yen per month, which is higher than the advisory fees charged by major law firms that cover all legal aspects of labor services alone.

Ryoji Bamba's peers began to pay more and more attention to him, and he began to give lectures that drew fees of about 1 million yen per person over a 12-day period to about 100 people, and other companies in his industry began to demand his know-how.

The overwhelming difference between us and our competitors is that we continue to provide universal services that are not too much on the shoulders of only one side, the employer or the worker, in order to avoid creating socially needy people.

For example, professionals are expected to solve each case only for their clients, and not to create services that universally look at a problem and eradicate it, as politicians and government agencies do.

This would produce only superficial know-how that only preserves the rights of one client, either the worker or the employer, because no one would be able to approach historical labor-management issues.

Based on this, we provide consulting and other services to both the employer side (companies) and the worker side (labor unions).


  • April 1997 Joined Kyushu Electric Power Co.
  • April 2000 Joined Kagoshima Prefectural Police Headquarters
  • December 2007 Joined Nanohana Legal Office, a judicial scrivener corporation
  • January 2009: Appointed as Director of Bamba Sharouji Gyoseishoshi Lawyer Office (currently Social Insurance & Labor Consultant Corporation Global Contents Japan)
  • September 2009: Appointed as a representative member of Limited Liability Company Lanbridge (currently Lanbridge Co., Ltd.)
  • July 2016 Appointed Representative Director of Global HR Technology, Inc.
  • January 2017 Appointed Auditor, NATTYSWANKY Corporation (to present)
  • August 2018 Appointed Director of Last One Mile, Inc.
  • February 2019 Appointed CEO of Great Shine Enterprises Limited (current position)
  • April 2019 Appointed Representative Director of GLOBAL HR TECHNOLOGY, Inc.
  • Feb. 2020 Appointed Representative Director of Lanbridge Inc.
  • Apr. 2021 Appointed Representative Director of GHRT Inc.
  • Aug. 2021 Appointed Representative Partner of Administrative Scrivener Global Contents Japan (present post)
  • March 2022 Representative of rYojbaba Inc.
  • Apr. 2023 Appointed as Advisor of OneGoal Law Firm, a law firm (Cambodian Government Certified)


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